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Donald Rigging Utilizes multiple boom trucks for day to day operations ranging from 23 ton to 45 ton. We use National Crane, Manitex, and Hydra Lift Weldco branded boom trucks.All of our boom trucks are capable of hauling a trailer and traveling between provinces. Our operators are ticketed, which gives our customers the confidence that their lift will be done in a safe and professional matter.

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How to Shop for Industrial Pickers in Bonnyville

When it comes to purchasing industrial equipment in Bonnyville, industrial pickers can be quite a costly investment. That is why it is always important to understand your needs as well as your options so you can make the right choice for your business. Before you can make an informed purchasing decision, there are a few factors you will want to take into consideration when purchasing such equipment. Understanding the following options will help you select the best equipment to meet your business's needs.

Self-Driving Models

Self-driving pickers are wheeled models that an operator drives from the basket of the machine. These generally come in four-wheel-drive varieties and are almost exclusively used for outdoor work. These models offer heavy bases that provide stability as well as maneuverability and are often used in construction and plant industries. Self-driving models are usually the largest models available. They can often accommodate several workers and even some light equipment in the basket of the machine. However, due to size, this machinery must almost always be shipped from one job site to another. While there are some models that are stabilized by outriggers instead of wheels, providing more storage options, these models are even more difficult to transport from one Bonnyville job site to another.

Towable Models

The towable models tend to be cheaper than self-driving ones, making them a better choice for Bonnyville businesses with a smaller budget for their pickers. They offer a comparable reach to the self-driving models because they do not require a drive engine or a chassis. Because these models can be towed with any truck that has a hitch, they tend to be best for companies that move from one job site to another but aren't equipped with rigs to transport a self-driving model. With that being said, however, these models can't simply be driven from one area of a site to another. Once you set them down, that is where they will stay. To move the picker, the entire lift has to be re-hitched to the truck used to tow it.

Telescoping Models

Telescoping models attain their operating heights by "telescoping" straight up from a central mast. These models offer a smooth ride and a stable lift. They allow workers to achieve heights of nearly 200 feet and require less maintenance than many of the other models, but if you need to reach heights of 200 feet or higher, this type of model is likely not the best choice for your business.

Articulating Models

While telescoping pickers telescope straight out, articulating models unfold in layers up to the operating height they are capable of. The benefit of this model is that it allows the machine to provide users with more basket maneuverability without having to drive the equipment each time they need to achieve a different position. Another benefit to this type of model is that they are usually more compact and are, therefore, easier to transport from site to site. A drawback to this, however, is that what you gain in articulation and maneuverability, you lose in height. These models will not reach as high as telescoping and other models.