Rigs Ups and Mechanics

Donald Rigging is based in Calgary with a full service 15,000 sq/ft shop. This shop is utilized for rigging up on our own equipment, as well as providing custom work for our customers. We have a welding bay fully equipped with an overhead crane for fabrication, along with licensed mechanics to meet all of our customer's truck and trailer needs.

Example of rigged truck Example of Rigged Truck

Finding the Best Bonnyville Rig Moving Services

When it comes to Bonnyville rig moving you need to make sure you partner with the right company. Moving a rig is not an easy task and you need to make sure you partner with a dependable and qualified service if you want your move to go without a flaw. The difference between the right moving service and the wrong one can mean the difference between destroyed rig equipment and your equipment arriving to its next destination safe and sound. Before you decide on any Bonnyville rig moving service, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Does the Company Offer Turnkey Service?

When you are done at one site and want your rig equipment moved to another, you want to partner with a company that provides the highest level of service and the least amount of hassle. That usually means hiring a company that offers turnkey service. You want to make sure you hire a company that provides all of the equipment needed to complete the job, whether that be a extend boom forklift or a boom truck. You want the company to be self-sufficient and to be able to get in, get your equipment, and move it to the next site with minimal need to interrupt you for any reason. Make sure the company you partner with offers turnkey service and knows exactly what is needed to get the job done and how to do it properly.

Make Sure They Will Work on Your Timeline

When it comes to moving from one site to the next the last thing you want to encounter is delays due to the Bonnyvile rig moving service you hired not being able to accommodate your schedule. Before you contract with any company to move your rigs, make sure they have the capacity and availability to adhere to your timelines and schedule. Even a one day delay can be very costly. Imagine the havoc a one-week delay could create. Don't leave your operation schedule to chance. Make sure that the company you are considering hiring understands that your schedule is as important to you as the safety of your equipment and that delays are not acceptable. A service that understands the importance of keeping you on schedule is crucial.

Choose a Company That Understands the Importance of Increased Rig Utilization

When choosing a company, try to find one that you can use repeatedly so you aren't looking for a new service every time a move is needed. The companies that can serve you in the long-term are usually better equipped to understand what is needed to achieve increased string days and reduced NPT (non-productive time). It's best to think of the service you hire as a partnership rather than just a one-off. When you partner with the right company, it can significantly increase your productivity.

Ensure HSSE Compliance

It goes without saying that frequent rig moving is an important part of maximizing production. However, it is important that HSSE compliance is maintained and standard practice across all of your logistics providers, including third-party ones. When choosing a Bonnyville rig moving service, make sure you find one who understands the importance of this aspect of the job and will do their part to ensure necessary standards are always met.