Donald Rigging is equipped to handle all on-site service needs including heavy lift rigging, common service rigging, skid steers, telehandlers, front end loaders, hotshot trucking, tractor trailers, boom trucks, winch trucks, pickers, water pumping, snow removal, dirt work, crane pad construction and warehousing services.

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Selecting the Right Bonnyville Site Services Company for Your Industrial Needs

In the world of industrial businesses, not all site services are created equal. Whether you are looking for industrial site preparation, such as clearing, excavation and backfill, or final grade and gravel, or you are looking for maintenance services such as snow removal, dewatering, dust control, or flagging, there are a number of factors you will want to take into consideration before deciding which company to hire for your business's site needs.

Never Shop for a Service Based on Price Alone

First and foremost, when shopping among the different providers for Bonnyville site services, it is important to realize that you should never shop based on price alone. The cheapest providers are rarely the best. However, that does not mean the most expensive providers are the best either. While price is always a consideration with any business expense, you should be sure to place other factors ahead of price in terms of importance, such as reputation and quality of service.

Does the Company Specialize In Your Industry?

Not all industries are the same. It goes without saying that a company that specializes in the oilfield industry would not be the right choice for a company in the lumber industry. When deciding which company to use for your business's site services, make sure the company you are considering is at least very familiar with your industry if it does not actually specialize in it. Understanding an industry can mean the difference between a successful site project and a complete nightmare.

Do You Have Access to Referrals or Reviews?

The best way to judge how well a company will work for you is to see how well they have served previous clients. While asking for referrals is one way to go, as is seeing the testimonials of prior clients on a website or in company literature, it is important to remember that a business will likely use best-case scenarios to illustrate their abilities and it may not give you the big picture in terms of how well the company actually performs. Instead, you should check the Internet to see if there are reviews available online. Look for the good, the bad, and even the ugly. It is impossible for a company to please every single customer all of the time, so one or two poor reviews mixed among a number of great ones should not dissuade you from a particular service. If, however, there are more bad reviews than good, you should consider utilizing another company for your Bonnyville site services needs.

Get it In Writing

When you finally do decide upon a company to use, make sure all agreements are in writing. In a perfect world a handshake would seal every deal, but we do not live in a perfect world. As such, you will want all agreements in writing to ensure you know exactly what you are getting for your money and exactly what you will be paying for the services you require.